June 14, 2024

Deolane Bezerra was sued by a follower; She asked for 15,000 Brazilian riyals as compensation

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Deolane Bezerra was sued by a follower;  She asked for 15,000 Brazilian riyals as compensation
Credit: Play / Instagram

Duolin Bezerra (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

name of Dylan Bezera widow MC Kevin, embroiled in another controversy. According to information from the column Fabia Oliveira, from the Em Off portal, the lawyer was sued by a follower, who accused her of false advertising.

Thaina Silva Carvalho claims to have obtained, through a revelation Deolane made in her Instagram Stories, a free sample of a ‘Detona Gordura’ product, which suggests healthy weight loss, but discovered it was a scam.

Also according to the car, the advertisement made by the celebrity said that, by paying the freight fee only, in the amount of R$29.90, the home consumer would get 120 capsules of the product as a free sample. But after she asked for the product to be shipped, Thena says that she only received a box of ten tablets at her home, not accompanied by any information regarding the composition of the product.

The woman’s lawyer said in the Fabia column: “Given that the quantity of capsules sent, in addition to being less than promised, proves to be ineffective for any result capable of prompting the plaintiff to purchase the product to continue the process of losing weight and reducing body measurement.”

“Deolane and Company (Detona Gordura, also a defendant in the lawsuit), have broadcast misleading advertisements, in which they have used false promises to entice the purchase of the product, with the apparent intent to mislead consumers into purchasing the advertised product, without any clear and sufficient information about it, in addition to offering in an unexpressed quantity.”

In court, Thena asked Deolane and the company to pay compensation in the amount of 15,000 Brazilian reais for moral damages. She also calls for 120 capsules of the product initially promised in the advertisement done by the blonde.

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