February 27, 2024
Deputy Minister tells the US ambassador: "China will not stand idly by" the world

Deputy Minister tells the US ambassador: “China will not stand idly by” the world

The China Summons, Tuesday (2), the ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt United State in BeijingNicholas Burns to meet with Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng. The call is a response to the arrival Nancy PelosiSpeaker of the US House of Representatives, A Taiwan.

During the conversation, Feng expressed “strong protests” over the US lawmaker’s visit to the autonomous island, which China It is considered part of its territory. “The measure is very disgraceful and the consequences are very serious,” Xie told Xinhua. “The China We will not leave him idly.”

Xie said that a file United State “They will pay for their mistakes” and urged Washington, D.C. to resolve the matter immediately, and take practical steps to undo the negative effects of Pelosi’s visit.

“You are United State It should not go further in the wrong way, increasing tensions and making the situation in a strait Taiwan and relationships between China The United States can not be reformed,” said Vice Minister China.

Taiwan that it Taiwan Give ChinaAnd the Taiwan It will end up returning to the arms of the motherland. “The Chinese people are not afraid of ghosts, pressure and evil,” Xie told Burns.

There were no immediate comments from Washington, DC.