March 30, 2023
DF is at risk of running out of fuel, says union

DF is at risk of running out of fuel, says union

For the Retail Fuel Trade Federation (Sindicombustíveis-DF), the Federal District and other states in the Federation may run out of gasoline. According to the president of the federation, Paulo Tavares, although More than last Monday (10/11/11), there is still a lag in the prices charged Petrobras.

“There may already be a shortage of products, as importing fuel is much more expensive. Petrobras is self-sufficient in oil, but it cannot refine enough for the country’s domestic consumption, so distributors are now trying to buy from Petrobras because it is cheaper than importing,” Paulo explained.

As demand increases, Petrobras will lower future sales quotas so distributors don’t run out of product, the president says. The other consequence, according to Tavares, is that distributors are importing more expensive ones so they don’t run out of fuel.

In this scenario, the Sindicombustíveis president said distributors are “shifting the cost to resale, thus holding Petrobras and the government responsible for this potential increase in order to make up for the Petrobras gap.”


A proposal to reduce the tax on the circulation of goods and services is being processed by the National Congress (ICMS). If approved, the price gasoline At stations in the Federal District there may be a reduction of R$ 0.60.

According to Supplementary Bill (PLP) No. 11/21, approved by federal deputies, the ICMS reduction on fuel in Brazil will be 8% on average. in union accounts, In DF the average will be 9%If it is approved according to the data in force on Thursday (14/10).