June 13, 2024

Diego Tardelli publishes photos of Santos fans in an ambush | saints

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Diego Tardelli publishes photos of Santos fans in an ambush |  saints

The pictures show Santos fans next to some of the cars that were at a lighthouse in the city. Then they return to the other vehicles parked in the street with their doors open. It is not possible to identify Diego Tardelli’s car.

Diego Tardelli ambushed in Santos – Photo: clone / Instagram

According to Tardelli, fans surrounded and damaged his car. And at dawn, the player published a series of posts in which he said he had been threatened with death and reported that a police officer was accompanying him.

– What I want to tell you is a horror scene I just went through, I’ve never seen in my life and I would never imagine that one day it will pass. I was coming here near my hotel. I think three or four cars were already following me until I stopped at the light, and in those two or three cars closed me. I had nowhere to run. They started smashing my car and kicking and freaking out. They said I would die. This torture they do when things are not going well. It made me very sad, said Tardelli.

– I think they were, from what I quickly saw, quite a number, about 10 people, fans. Ten spoilers. Fans have every right to charge. The team stage isn’t really the best, but that doesn’t justify it. Unfortunately. I’ve been through what I’ve been through, in my 15-year career, it’s very sad to go through that. If you want to go to CT, anywhere to charge, damn it. But attacking, smashing a car, countering terrorism… that doesn’t fit football anymore.

– It is useless because there will be no punishment. Anything can happen to me. There was no one on the side. Luckily I found a policeman on the way to the hotel and they escorted me – it’s over.

Santos expressed himself in an official statement on Wednesday morning. The club called the attackers bandits. See the official note:

“In the episode that took place during the night with the player Tardelli and other members of the cast, with threats, pursuits, ambushes and looting, Santos club firmly rejected the position of the vandals disguised as fans and assures that they will give their full support until legal measures are taken to recognize and punish the abusers.

The club does not recognize these people as fans, but as bandits. The masses have the right to protest the results as long as in a civilized manner.”

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