February 27, 2024

discounts on real estate reach 56%; See how you participate

a Santander Brazil It organizes an auction of 57 properties, including houses, apartments, land and commercial premises. And one detail catches the eye: the bank offers discounts of up to 56%, taking into account market valuations.

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The properties are located in different parts of the country and participants will have the option to pay in up to 420 months. Another advantage is the possibility of using the FGTS to buy real estate.

To participate, interested parties can submit bids until Monday, July 3, at 3 p.m., through the Superbid Exchange platform or through Santander Gate.

Discounts up to 56%: see properties

In Ribeirão Preto (SP), a 25m2 apartment is available starting at R$169,000, which is a 29% discount. In Franco da Rocha (SP), a house of 67m2 is being sold at a starting price of R$159.2k, which corresponds to a 32% reduction in relation to the valuation.

In São Paulo, there is also an apartment of 206 square meters that can be bought from R$1 million, with a 30% discount.

In Camacari (BA), a 230 square meter house is receiving bids starting at R$179.2k. In another area of ​​the Northeast, more specifically in Aracaju (SE), it is possible to buy an apartment of 59 square meters from R$ 81.9 thousand, at a discount of 33%. In Cristinápolis (SE), a house of 318 square meters is being sold starting at R$ 31.8 thousand, which is a 56% discount in relation to the valuation.

Participating in a real estate auction can be an interesting option for those looking for buying opportunities at lower prices. In the specific case of the auction promoted by Santander Brasil, which offers discounts of up to 56%, it could be an opportunity to acquire a property of much lower value than the market. However, it is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis, prepare financially and realize that there is competition.

interested? So be sure to check out Santander Real Estate website To see all the above options and many more.