February 25, 2024

“Do not hire for incompetence”; Sarmani rips up the act against the Santos president and leaks behind the scenes of Bruno Henrique’s negotiation.


Midfielder Bruno Henrique rejected Santos’ offer to play for Internacional

Photo: cloning - Alsarmani blows the head of Santos
Photo: cloning – Alsarmani blows the head of Santos

With the sale of Angelo to Chelsea, from England, he became saints He has more market power to bolster the cast and he’s already brought in Left back Dudu, midfielder Jean Lucas and striker Julio Verch. But it’s not all rosy: Peixe’s board of directors was frustrated by the failure in the negotiations for the Steering wheel Bruno Henrique Which closed with Internacional, as well as due Midfielder Rodrigo Zalazar, Agree with Braga, from Portugal.

It was reported in the newspapers that Santos’ proposal for the former Corinthians and Palmeiras midfielder was superior to what Internacional did, however he preferred to sign with Colorado. However, the Journalist Fabio Armani Another version of these negotiations and still Andrés Rueda, president of Peixe, lashed out.

“I spoke with someone connected to Bruno Henrique’s negotiations and he told me: ‘Santos’ proposal was not even close to what Inter offered’. Let’s stop turning Rueda into a poor man because of the shortcomings of Roma and Perez. He’s not hiring because he’s incompetent.” The journalist said on his Twitter account.

Rueda is responsible for the moment Santos?

Rueda is responsible for the moment Santos?

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Andres Rueda has been heavily criticized in his management at Santos, considering that under his leadership Alvinegro Praiano is accumulating failures on the field and in finances, the situation of Club da Villa Belmero is not the best. Under pressure and with a whale fighting at the bottom of the table, Rueda should look for other names in the market To promote Paulo Tora’s team.