February 25, 2024

Do this and free up quite a bit of phone memory

Anyone who has dealt with this cell phone notification that the device has memory full knows how annoying it can be to handle and clean the device. When you take a picture, download an app, or even update it, the warning always appears that annoys the user and generates more headaches.

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But in order not to get into such a situation, there is a strategy aimed at increasing the level storage With the function available on the cell phone itself. Learn how to use the resource along the text.

What can I do to free up space on my cell phone?

Many people face this problem Memory is full, which not only affects the storage but also the performance of the smartphone, making it slower or freezing. This can happen because the user tends to have a bunch of apps that tend not to be used very often, but accumulate cache memory unnecessarily.

This results in a bulge in the phone’s memory.

The good news is that Android models can rely on the online store’s own app, Google Play Store, to see which one is grappling with the memory level. The first step is to access the Store and look for the “My apps & games” option present in the Settings pane.

In this section, you can see all files Apps Pinned with the percentage of storage for each. With these numbers, users have guidelines for excluding them. On some devices, it is also indicated as the least used.

The recommended method is to start removing apps that you don’t use frequently. Also, those that are easily accessible by the browser should also be eliminated to free up memory space if needed. After choosing which tools to uninstall, the feature will tell you how much space to free up, allowing you to store new features and files.