June 13, 2024

Do you know which planet is closest to Earth?

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Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what a planet Which is closer to Earth? If yes, what was your response? No matter what it was, today you will find out if it was right or wrong.

First of all, it should be noted that this answer may be more complicated than you think. Although Venus is considered by many to be Earth’s “brother” and there are many similarities between the two, it is not the closest to our planet.

However, according to some scholars, this title could be given to Mercury.

For those who are constantly looking to find out more about Solar SystemFrom this point of view, it is natural to consider Venus as the “brother” of Earth. Precisely because this title relates not only to distance, but also to their size, mass and composition, values ​​which are considered very similar between these planets.

However, let’s say that Venus has a “flaw”: its temperature is too high, not to mention the internal pressure, which is harmful to humans.

If we pause for an analysis, we will see that the planet Mercury orbits the sun, closer than any other orbit within the solar system. Despite this, it can still be claimed that the planet is closer to Earth than Venus itself, even though Mercury is much closer to Earth’s orbit.

But, after all, which planet is closest?

Remember when we initially mentioned that this matter was more complicated than we imagined? This happens because we see at the same time that the sun rotates Venus It reaches a distance of about 0.7 astronomical units from Earth. In other words, this means that the distance between them is 108 million km.

However, when Venus is located between the Earth and the Sun, this distance decreases to 40 million km.

on the other side, Mercury It is 77 million kilometers from Earth when it is closest to Earth. There’s no denying, given this data, that Venus is definitely closer. However, according to the point of view of some researchers, the Earth spends a much longer period next to Mercury than Venus.

All these results are based on mathematical calculations, and are responsible for finding the mean close to a land🇧🇷 The reason for this, according to the model, is that Mercury is considered the closest to Earth, when we compare it to Venus, since its orbit is closer to the Sun.

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