June 24, 2024

Does Black Friday have a real discount?

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Does Black Friday have a real discount?

Anyone wishing to take advantage of the real discounts on Black Friday should only check the prices on November 26, the date of the big promotion in 2021. It is important that you monitor in advance the value of the items you want, thus avoiding fake offers.

Black Friday is an online sale that started in the United States. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, stores tend to cut prices, aiming to replenish stock for Christmas.

The event has grown in Brazil since 2010, but many consumers still complain about false promotions here. A common complaint is that stores leave their most expensive products days before Black Friday and then mimic a special Friday.

NS UOL Collected tips from Idec (Brazilian Institute for Consumer Defense), Procon-SP and Febraban (Brazilian Confederation of Banks) to avoid scams. Also see a list of websites that can help you compare prices.

Avoid buying in a rush

Offers can lead you to buy things you don’t need and encourage unnecessary debt. Think calmly if the promotion justifies the purchase.

Search prices as soon as possible

The sooner you start comparing prices, the better. Visit different websites and stores and check prices, selling conditions and product specifications.

Some sites monitor prices and have tools to track whether the value has actually decreased. See some of them:

Keep proof of bids

Idec recommends saving a brochure or taking a print screen (a record of a computer or cell phone screen) showing the product and its value, as well as with information about the link, company name, and the date and time the search was performed.

Make sure the site is safe

Check if the store or platform already exists. Make sure the company has a physical address and SAC (customer service). This information must be clearly indicated on the page.

Procon-SP contains a file List of 500+ sites deemed untrustworthy.

Be especially careful when clicking on offers received via email or on social media. It can lead to a fake website that simulates the shopping space of a well-known store.

Verappan warns that many scammers use “ad links” to gain visibility in search results.

Prices well below the trading average should be a reason for a fraud alert.

See store complaint history

Access to the history of complaints from other consumers. This can be done by Procon in your municipality, on the website Consumidor.gov.br, from the Ministry of Justice, and Claim here.

Beware of on-ticket purchases

Idec recommends avoiding sites that only accept payment by bank voucher. In addition to not undergoing the card company verification process in case of fraud, [você] You will not be able to get a refund,” according to the institute.

If you are going to pay with a bank voucher, Verapan refers to the verification of the beneficiary company that appears at the time of payment, in the bank’s application or website. “If the name is different from the brand or company in which the purchase was made, the transaction should not be completed.”

Precautions before closing the purchase

Before finalizing your purchase, note the shipping cost and delivery time.

After purchase, the direction of Procon-SP is to save or print all documents related to the offer and order confirmation.

You have a deadline to regret your purchase

According to Procon-SP, if a purchase was made over the phone or online, you have the right to withdraw from it within seven days of product purchase or delivery, with all money refunded.

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