June 14, 2024

Doing more than he did was impossible.

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Doing more than he did was impossible.

after, after Chi Chi comments to the Budba podcast about the episode with Fernando Diniz in Sao Paulo in January.Club manager Carlos Belmonte hit the player and defended the coach in an interview with Sports Centerbroadcast allure By ESPN on Star +This Wednesday (1).

According to the official, Fernando Diniz did his best to fix the bug. “There’s no doubt that Denise was wrong to treat Chi-Chi in this way on the edge of the field. Period. But there’s also no doubt that Denise backed off with Chi-Chi in front of the entire cast,” Belmonte said.

“Deniz had a meeting with the entire cast. He apologized in front of all the athletes. He also did it personally. So I want to defend Deniz. He made a mistake, it’s a fact. But doing more than he did, it was impossible, so he backed down in front of the actors and went down individually.” With chih-chi,’ said the director.

For Belmonte, there was a communication problem on Chi Chi’s part.

“Deniz did what he had to do after he made a mistake. Chi Chi didn’t do what he should have done, because if he wasn’t happy with Denise’s apology, he had to tell Denise. If Chi Chi had excused him or not, it really is a personal matter for Denise. ” , He said.

In addition, the Sao Paulo manager questioned the relationship between the ring and low income in the final stage of the tournament.

“If a fact like this is able to impede the achievement of a team of size Sao PauloAll this is wrong. Including the choice of athletes. Team performance declined. The rest is a crutch.

On this occasion, in a match valid for round 28 of Brazilian Championship for 2020 before Red Bull BragantinoFernando Diniz called Che Che “thanksgiving,” “leg,” and “muscaradinho.” In the said match, Tricolor went into the first half and lost 4-1 and ended with a 4-2 defeat.

The result was a drop in the team’s performance in the final stage of Brazilian. At the time of the accident, São Paulo was leading the championship, but overtaken it international In round 31 they did not return to the lead. The club finished the season in fourth place, also behind Atletico MG and the hero flamingo.

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