June 23, 2024

Domestic cats are banned from leaving the house in a German city

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Domestic cats are banned from leaving the house in a German city

The authorities in the German city of Walldorf, in the state of Baden-Württemberg, decided to ban the entry of domestic cats outside the city. If teachers break the law, they may have to pay a fine of R$2,860.

The authorities have ruled that cats living in the Rheinnecker area in northwest Waldorf should be deprived of liberty until the end of August. The goal of this measure is to save a species of bird, the lark, from extinction. This bird chooses the period between May and August to make its nests.

Local politicians and environmentalists suggest that domestic cats are on the list of lark predators and believe that keeping them indoors can help the species ensure its survival. But the move upset the local Animal Protection Association, which plans to take legal action against the decision.

The law applies to anyone who owns a cat with access to the outdoors in the southern part of Walldorf. If a cat escapes, the owner will have to catch it.

If the guardian does not respect the decision, he may be required to pay a fine. According to local news site Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, if a cat kills a lark living in Walldorf, the owner can be fined the equivalent of R$261,000.

The habitat of this species is notably recorded in the regions of Baden-Württemberg, such as the areas between the regions of Karlsruhe and Mannheim. In addition to Walldorf, the area around Waghäusel and Ketsch is also home to a lark.

This species likes to nest on the ground on construction sites near residential areas, where it is easy prey for small predators such as cats.

In addition, the authorities claim that their chicks are unable to fly for the first few weeks. At the first sign of danger, they tend to lie on the ground rather than run away – making them an easy target for cats.

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