February 25, 2024

Downloaded again! The price of ethanol decreased by 0.78% compared to the month

A survey by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) indicates this Average prices of hydrated ethanol It fell in 12 states and the Federal District. However, the same values ​​rose in 11 other states and remained stable in two states.

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However, no such comparison could have been made in Amapá, as there was no price accounting for the previous week. Overall, the average price of ethanol across the country decreased by 0.26% compared to the previous week, rising from R$3.82 to R$3.81 per liter.

price changes

The country is a major producer and consumer of ethanol, in addition to evaluating more stations. In this region, the average bid was flat, at R$3.72. Espírito Santo recorded the largest percentage drop, 3.37%, going from R$4.45 to R$4.30. On the other hand, Sergipe was the highest-priced country with an increase of 4.46%. There, the fuel was sold for R$3.75 per liter.

Finally, it should be noted that the minimum ethanol price recorded last week was R$3.00 at a service station in São Paulo, while the state’s lowest average price, R$3.59, was in Mato Grosso. Santa Catarina, on the other hand, recorded the maximum price verified in gasoline: R$ 6.54 The highest average price was in Rondônia: R$ 4.87 per liter.

When observing the macro scenario, within the monthly comparison, the average biofuel price in the country decreased by 0.78%.


In short, until last week, ethanol was not competitive with gasoline. According to a survey conducted by the National Ports Agency, referring to last week, the proportion of ethanol is equivalent to 77.28% compared to gasoline. In other words, it follows unfavorably when compared to petrol. However, industry executives position ethanol as competitive even with a breakeven greater than 70%, depending on which vehicle will receive the biofuel.