February 26, 2024
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Earn up to $100 on PayPal by simply inviting your friends; understand

These referral programs are on the rise, particularly in digital banking applications. Usually the user wins Cash Or take advantage when providing any indication of a new users for service or platforms.

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Such is the case with PayPal, which has a way of receiving up to $100 this way. The value converted at the price of May 10, 2022 would give a credit of R$513.37, which is not bad at all, is it? Let’s find out more about how to earn this value.

Invite your friends to open a PayPal account and earn up to $100

First, we must point out that PayPal is a very secure service that is used by thousands of people around the world. This is because the app keeps your financial information encrypted, very securely, so you can make online payments without any problem.

Moreover, you can still use your account PayPal To checkout, to skip entering your financial information and also to make payments in person using QR codes.

To be able to earn money with the “Invite Friends” program, it’s simple, just invite people you know to open an account in the US using PayPal.

You will earn your reward when the friend referred to PayPal through the program signs up and completes the transaction. According to PayPal information, it is possible to invite up to 10 friends, thus earning $100 USD.

If you are the person who is invitation People to join PayPal, you are the ‘referrer’, and if you are the friend who accepts the invitation, you are the ‘arbiter’. Remember that you should only invite people you know, ie family and friends, you should not post or distribute your invitation publicly.

Other apps that can earn you money

you apps Or digital banks, which are on the rise and offer many benefits, including money to their users, through the “Invite Amigos” program. See below some of these apps that can make you money.

  • Mercado Bajo
  • BankPay
  • quack;
  • Kwai.
  • tik tok;
  • clip
  • Melius.

Everyone is apps Extremely safe, used by thousands upon thousands of people all over the world. Usually they all work the same way, you invite a friend and he installs the app, he does the whole process correctly, only when he does the whole process you get the reward.