June 5, 2023
Imagem de: Elden Ring já vendeu mais de 13,4 milhões de cópias

Elden Ring has sold over 13.4 million copies

elden ring It has already exceeded 13.4 million units sold, adding copies distributed on all platforms where the game is available. The information comes from Bandai Namcoas part of one of your financial earnings reports.

The producer claims that the 13.4 million mark was reached at the end of March of this year, so it’s safe to say the game has definitely sold a higher number than this, mainly by joining the units distributed on PC, PS4, and PS5 , and Xbox One. and Xbox Series X | S.

It cannot be said that the figure was a surprise. elden ring Voted the most anticipated game of 2022, it has been a huge hit since its release. It was the most downloaded game PS Store in February It witnessed the best appearance of an unprecedented franchise in Europe Since 2016, beating Horizon Zero Dawn And Cyberpunk 2077 movie.

We do not know the current plans of the developer from Software and Bandai Namco to capitalize on the success of the new game. At the moment, the only official information we have are patches and updates that continue to be distributed approximately weekly on elden ring.

DLC plans, however, have not yet been released. The community of modernists and hackers have raised speculation about the possibility of this happening Unused content From the game that could become an expansion focused on PvP, but so far nothing has been officially confirmed yet.