March 31, 2023
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Elon Musk announces humanoid robots to replace people in ‘Dad Jobs’ link

Musk emphasized that the futuristic robot would be cute, friendly, and built in such a way that, in any case, you could “run away and turn it off.” “I hope that never happens, but who knows,” he joked.

After dominating the market electric car and start the multi-million dollar space race, Elon Musk, owner TeslaAnnounce your last milestone: humanoid robots.

The businessman said Thursday, the 19th, that he will receive a prototype of the Tesla Bot next year.

At an online event on Tesla’s advances in artificial intelligence, Musk said that based on the same technology as the company’s semi-autonomous vehicles, the robot will be able to perform basic repetitive tasks in order to eliminate dangerous or “boring” jobs for people.

“Tesla is the largest robotics company in the world because cars are semi-sensitive robots on wheels,” he said. “So it makes sense to put this in human form.”

The move comes at a time when the company’s self-driving car system is under intense investigation, after a series of accidents. The autopilot controversy was not discussed at the two-and-a-half hour online conference on Thursday, and no questions were asked about it from the audience.

However, Musk emphasized that the future robot would be benign. He said the Tesla Bot, which will have five-finger hands and will come in black and white, will be “friendly” and designed in such a way that, in any case, you will “run away and turn it off”. “I hope that never happens, but who knows,” he joked. / France Press agency