March 4, 2024
Embraer announces it has agreed to develop a Senna-branded flying car

Embraer announces it has agreed to develop a Senna-branded flying car

Eve Air Mobility, a company created by Embraer Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica will partner with the Senna brand to build a flying car. This was announced on Wednesday (17).

The eVTOL Eve-Senna brands the design, colors and interior of the car, in line with cutting-edge technological projects, to provide the crew with an extraordinary experience. “I am confident that this partnership will go a long way towards inspiring new generations to develop technologies that will change the future,” said Andre Stein, CEO of EVE.

The partnership also proposes solutions for urban mobility In Brazil and the world. The agreement comes as EVE, an organization created by Embraer to accelerate the global urban air mobility (UAM) ecosystem, celebrates its first year of operation.

The eVTOL Eve-Senna design is inspired by the vision of the Senna brand, which informs the Embraer website with stunning futuristic style. The vehicle will also be used to improve the quality of life on planet Earth.

The Senna brand was created by a three-time champion Formula 1 Ayrton Sina, in 1992. It is supported by the Ayrton Sina Institute, which develops educational technologies that benefit millions of children and young people annually throughout Brazil.

EVE is a new and independent company. With a startup mindset, backed by Embraer’s history of over 50 years of experience in aviation, it is focused on contributing to building a sustainable ecosystem. Its electric vertical aircraft (EVA), as well as a unique air traffic management solution, make the company a suitable competitor in the aviation sector. EVE is the first company formed from EmbraerX.