June 14, 2024

Ending the Sale of Dog and Cat Meat: A Significant Milestone in Indonesian Market – DW (English)

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Ending the Sale of Dog and Cat Meat: A Significant Milestone in Indonesian Market – DW (English)

Tomohon Extreme Market in Indonesia has made a significant announcement that is set to change the fate of countless dogs and cats. The market, known for its controversial trade in dog and cat meat, has declared it will no longer partake in such activities. This decision comes following mounting pressure from animal rights groups.

In a significant display of solidarity, the six remaining traders involved in dog and cat meat sales at Tomohon Extreme Market have now signed an agreement to cease their operations. To further solidify this commitment, the mayor of Tomohon has issued a statute officially banning the trade within the city.

Animal welfare groups, including Humane Society International and Animal Friends Manado Indonesia, have tirelessly campaigned against the cruel treatment of animals at the market. Their efforts also shed light on the threats posed to human health due to the consumption of dog and cat meat. Diseases such as rabies, anthrax, and leptospirosis can be transmitted through these meats, posing a risk to public safety.

In a heartwarming turn of events, activists managed to rescue all the remaining live dogs and cats at the slaughterhouses before the ban took effect. This is a victory for all those who have fought for the rights of these innocent animals.

It is hoped that this ban will extend beyond Tomohon and cover the rest of Indonesia. Shockingly, it is estimated that approximately one million dogs and cats are killed for human consumption in Indonesia each year. Being the most populous Muslim country globally, Indonesia grapples with the clash between religious beliefs and cultural practices. While Islam forbids the consumption of dog products, approximately 7% of Indonesians still consume dog and cat meat.

Through the decision made by Tomohon’s traders, the supply of dog and cat meat will be cut off at its source. Even traders who have been involved in this industry for years are supportive of the ban, acknowledging that it is in the best interest of both the animals and public safety.

This noteworthy development marks a significant step forward in the fight against animal cruelty and the protection of public health. The dedication and efforts of animal rights groups and activists have finally brought about change, giving hope to countless dogs and cats who would have otherwise met a tragic end. Let us celebrate this victory and continue to strive for a more compassionate world.

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