February 6, 2023
Energy could rise as much as 2.4% in these areas;  Know if you will be affected

Energy could rise as much as 2.4% in these areas; Know if you will be affected

Do you live in the northern or northeastern region? Know that your energy bill can be as high as 2.4% due to project approval Parliament which is now awaiting analysis by the Senate. If you didn’t already know, the approved draft legislative decree (PDL) suspends two decisions of the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel).

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It concerned tariffs applicable to the use of energy transmission and distribution systems. These applicable measures were subject to public consultation and were implemented by the regulator three years later. According to the project author, Deputy Danilo Forte (União-CE), these modifications harm vegetation in both regions, especially wind farms.

A worrying scenario: energy could go up

Project introduced vain resolutions download september by a snakeWhich decided to change one of the components of the fee that citizens pay for using the electricity transmission network.

In practice, the measure adopted by Aneel will benefit consumers in the north and northeast, who must pay R$1.23 billion less annually to use the transport network. The argument is that such areas do not depend on power generated in other areas of the country, which places less burden on the transportation system.

Increased electricity bill

The National Energy Consumers Front A campaign has called for the project to be rejected, claiming that it will increase the electricity bill for consumers in the north and northeast. In addition, they claim that it is the responsibility of Aneel and not the National Congress that this definition of rules generates a direct impact on the value of tariffs.

a Ministry of Mines and Energyin a technical note, emphasized that this is a matter of legal jurisdiction for Aneel and that decisions previously approved by the regulator allow tariff reductions for consumers close to the most relevant generation areas, such as in these areas.

There is no set date for the president, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), to vote on the project. Since it is a legislative decree, there is no need for a presidential sanction, that is, if it has been previously approved Senateenters into force.