December 8, 2022
Enil resets energy prices in three thermal plants due to high fuel prices |  Economie

Enil resets energy prices in three thermal plants due to high fuel prices | Economie

In the case of the Araucária thermoelectric plant located in Paraná, the adjustment would be 26.8% and the price would rise from R$2,013.18 to R$2,553.20 per megawatt-hour (MWh). The station is powered by natural gas.

At the Potiguar I and III hydrothermal plants, the modification was 37.4% and the price would rise from R$1,004 to R$1,379.89 per MWh per plant. The thermal plants are located in Rio Grande do Norte and are powered by diesel.

In the case of the thermal station of Paraná, the new value will be applied between October 7 and November 15 this year. The readjustment of the Potiguar I and III plants will be valid for energy produced from July to December.

The amendments were approved by Aneel at an extraordinary meeting on Friday, following a request from the Hydro Power Administration’s Exceptional Rules Chamber (Creg), set up by the government at the end of June to manage the energy crisis.

Energy generated from thermal power plants is a record high in Brazil in July, and hydropower generation is the lowest since 2002

Craig and the factories themselves have called for adjustments in the midst of the energy crisis. For example, last Tuesday (5), the Board approved a reshaping of the cost of diesel thermal power plants Termomanaus (Santo Agostinho-PE) and Pau Ferro I (Igarassú-PE).

The cost of these stations increased to R$1,338.78 per megawatt-hour, valid from July 2021 to December 31, 2021.

The water crisis worsened at the beginning of the second semester This year, the increase in fuel prices is among the reasons for the adjustments.

The lack of natural gas in some locations was another factor contributing to the high cost. Some gas-fired plants have started to run on diesel oil and diesel oil, two more expensive fuels than natural gas.

This is the case of Termoceará located in Ceará. It was authorized to run on diesel in August, jeopardizing natural gas supplies in the Northeast.

Consumers pay for the power generated by the factories. Thermal power plants are the most expensive in the electrical system and have been used to ensure energy savings in the face of depletion of hydroelectric reservoirs.

With the activation of thermal plants, energy tariffs significantly affected the pockets of consumers and led, among other factors, to high inflation. this friday, IBGE announces 12-month inflation at 10.25%Which hasn’t happened in more than five years.

The lack of rain has damaged the reservoirs of hydroelectric power stations, which are the main source of electricity in the country. As a result, it was necessary to activate thermal power plants, which have a higher cost of energy generation. Thus, electricity had the largest single effect on the indicator per month, reaching 0.31 percentage points, accumulating an increase of 28.82% in 12 months”, stated IPCA Director Pedro Kislanov.

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