February 28, 2024

Epic releases two new free games Thursday (15)

As usual, The Epic Store has released two more games completely free This Thursday (15)! This time, players will be able to venture into charismatic Guacamelee! that it Guacamelee 2!And Two action-adventure titles in the best style Metroidvania Developed by DrinkBox Studios.

Clever, both The surnames are heavily inspired by the Mexican cultureRichly represented down to the finest detail. on them, Players control the protagonist Juan Aguacate a fighter who faces his enemies with conventional blows from lucha libre strand of wrestling Distinguished professional in the country.

The plot of the first title deals with an unusual day, when Juan is attacked by evil forces during an encounter with his childhood friend, Lupita – who ends up being kidnapped. Although he tried to help, the hero was defeated and lost his life, being sent to the realm of the dead. There, he encounters a mysterious person fighter It’s called a Tostada, which It gives him special powers And he sends him back to settle the account.

during playing , Juan gains powers and abilities that allow access to various points on the map. This dynamic fosters a second visit to the scenarios, bringing new challenges as the story progresses.

How to redeem Guacamelee! Free?

Guacamelee! that it Guacamelee! two It can be redeemed for free on the Epic Store until next Thursday (22nd), at 12 noon. To add them to your library, Just click in this linkgo to Addresses and click on the “Get” button.

It is worth noting that more games will be free starting next week. On June 22, two additional games will be released for free in the store: Idle Champions of The Forgotten Realms, part of the Dungeons and Dragons franchise, and hunting game The Hunter: Call of the Wild.