February 26, 2024
Eric Faria, from Globo, gets hit by a fan and he fights back with a shove

Eric Faria, from Globo, gets hit by a fan and he fights back with a shove

During his live participation in the Bom dia Brasil on Friday morning (18), reporter Eric Faria was bumped into by a fan in Qatar and retaliated. Enraged by what happened, the journalist pushed the man he had bumped into and soon recovered.

The scene occurred when Eric was called by presenter Ana Luisa Guimarães to provide information about the ban on beer consumption in areas near World Cup stadiums imposed by Qatar this morning.

“Hi, Anna, good morning to you and everyone. I’m in a very busy place here. I think the guy was distracted in there and bumped into me,” the reporter said before relaying the information.

Shortly afterwards, Eric went live on Redação SporTV and justified himself. The reporter said he had already seen the scene gain traction on social media and apologized for the rude attitude.

“Obviously, the image had already gone viral. I had my back turned, getting ready for the Bom Dia Brasil and I was bumped into by a fan, who was really distracted. I ended up pushing the fan, I didn’t even know if it was live or not. I pushed and it was My reaction is to push too. Obviously not the best of reactions,” he began by telling the journalist, who added:

“I ended up taking this fan away from me in a rude way. I even tried to apologize to the fan, but he left and I don’t see him anymore. I know he’s already viral on the internet and I think he’s great for an explanation. On his part, not mine. I hope he accepts my apology if you find him here.” .

On social networks, while some people saw the scene in humor and created memes with Galvão Bueno’s catchphrase “Can you do that, Arnaldo?” Others thought the reporter had an aggressive reaction and that he should have been “more polite”.

Watch Eric Faria’s push and some of the reactions on social media: