February 20, 2024

Events that may affect the stock market this week

Posted at 8:24 p.m

Events on the market’s radar for the week:

vacation in the United States

In the United States, the Fourth of July, Independence Day, is a public holiday. On that day the stock exchanges there will be closed. It is worth noting that on Monday, the 3rd, the trading session will close at 1 pm in the United States. Thus, liquidity may decrease at the beginning of the week in emerging markets such as Brazil.

American BC record

Analysts and investors will be closely following the release of minutes from the recent meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (Fomc), the United States central bank’s panel that decides on interest rates. The reveal takes place at 3 pm on Wednesday (Brasilia time). At the meeting on June 14, the US central bank paused the rate hike cycle. The content of the minutes can affect risky assets such as stocks.

Employment report

Still in the US, the June payroll report will be released at 9:30 am (Brasilia time) on Friday, the 7th. The employment report is important because it reveals whether or not economic activity is hot at a time of rising interest rates. Expectations are to create 225,000 jobs in the country. The unemployment rate is expected to remain at 3.7%.

The ADP survey will be released on Wednesday morning with data on private sector employment in June.

Industrial production and politics in Brazil

In Brazil, the most important thing is the release of the industrial production result for the month of May. It will be on Tuesday at 9 am. Analysts and investors are also paying attention to the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives will make a concerted effort from Monday, the third, to vote on the government’s economic agenda. The plenary session will analyze the Senate’s amendments to the fiscal framework, the Karff vote and the re-establishment of the Food Acquisition Program, as well as discuss tax reform.

Study the stock market

See the study of Ibovespa, Petr4, Vale3, Cpfe3, Elet3, Flry3, Tots3, Mrfg3, Kepl3, and Brkm5. Video access here.

corporate news

BB Seguridade (BBSE3) will pay R$3.21 billion in dividends

BB Seguridade Participações (BBSE3) reported after the market close on Friday, the 30th, that its Board of Directors has decided the amount to be distributed as a reward to shareholders in the form of a dividend indicating the result of the first half of 2023.

The total value is R$3 billion and R$210 million.

BB Seguridade also stated that the amounts that will be distributed per share, the payment dates, and the start of trading the dividend shares without profits will be reported after the disclosure of the results of the second quarter of 2023 (2Q23), scheduled for the seventh of this year. August 2023.

Raia Drogasil (RADL3) agrees to pay interest on the equity

The Board of Directors of Raia Drogasil (RADL3) has approved the distribution of interest to shareholders’ equity.

The information was revealed after the market closed on Friday, the 30th.

The total lump sum is R$102 million to be paid by 12/01/2023, on a date to be determined by management.

The total amount to be paid per share is R$ 0.0594966458 and will not be subject to monetary reformulation.

The benefit applies to the shareholding position on 07/05/2023, and from 07/06/2023 the shares will be traded “without interest on private capital.”

IRB (IRBR3): The Federation appoints former Minister Mauricio Quintella Malta Lessa to chair the Board of Directors

IRB-Brasil Resseguros (IRBR3) has received an official communication sent by the Confederation, in its capacity as holder of the golden share, indicating that former Minister Mauricio Quintella Malta Lessa holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of IRB Re, currently held by Antônio Cássio dos Santos, by election to be held in A general meeting to be called once the necessary regulatory approval has been obtained from the Private Insurance Supervisory Authority.

The information was revealed after the market closed on Friday, the 30th.

The Immigration and Refugee Board has confirmed that it is taking the necessary steps to obtain said regulatory approval.

The company also reported that Antonio Cassio, who was IRB Re’s CEO and has been chair of its board for the past three years, is leading the integration of the future president, “so that the transition is immediately in the best interest of the company,” the IRB said in a statement. .

Armac (ARML3) announces interest on capital

The board of directors of Armac Locação, Logística e Serviços (ARML3) on Friday, June 30, approved the board’s proposal to declare interest on equity.

JCP shareholders will be paid a total amount of R$30 million, which is equivalent to R$0.0868689206 per share.

The aforementioned JCP will be calculated based on the contribution status on July 5, 2023 (the base date).

Effective July 6, 2023, shares will be trading “excluding” this interest on equity. Payment will be made in fiscal year 2023, on a date to be determined by the Board.

Isa CTEEP (TRPL4) buys two lots in one of the largest transmission auctions in the country’s history

ISA CTEEP (TRPL4) won lots 7 and 9 in one of the largest transmission auctions in the country’s history, which was held on Friday by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), at the B3 headquarters in São Paulo.

In total, the company will invest R$2.4 billion (Capex Aneel) in the construction of 522 kilometers of double-circuit transmission lines, totaling 1,044 kilometers, in the states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro, building a substation and expanding other existing ones. Read more here.

Vibra Energia (VBBR3) signs an agreement with the manager to establish a real estate fund

Vibra Energia (VBBR3) signed with Prisma Capital the duration of the closure of the investment agreement and the consulting contract whose objective was to establish a real estate investment fund to receive the contribution of the company’s property, in which there are workstations bearing the Petrobras flag.

The information was revealed on Friday, the 30th, after the market closed.

“Due to the change of some macroeconomic assumptions and during the process of structuring the fund, taking into account, among other aspects, that management and demobilization followed in parallel with important developments, especially in the aspect of monetization of this asset portfolio, in addition to creating an environment conducive to the continuation of negotiations directly by Vibra with the distributors, the parties chose not to continue with the REIT structure and maintain with Vibra this definition of management and layoff strategy,” said the fuel distributor.

The agreement, announced last year, provided for nationwide coverage and included the contribution and professional management of a portfolio of up to 238 properties.

BR Properties Assembly agrees to reduce and pool the new capital

BR Properties (BRPR3) will reduce the new share capital. Approximately R$63.05 per share will be refunded to the shareholders. The information was revealed on Friday, the 30th, after the market closed.

BR Properties shareholders meeting in an Extraordinary General Meeting last Friday, 30, approved a share capital reduction of R$732,100,000.00 and a reverse split of all common shares in a ratio of 25 ordinary shares to 1, without adjusting share capital value.

The so-called new capital reduction for 2023 will be implemented when the funds are returned to the shareholders of approximately R$63.05 per share, taking into account a total of 11,610,812 common (out-of-treasury) shares.

The new capital reduction for 2023 will not become effective until 60 days after AGE has published minutes approving the reduction in question, without opposition from creditors.

The company will appropriately disclose to shareholders, among other information, the procedures, closing date, payment date, and start date of trading of the shares entitled to the new capital reduction – 2023.

The new 2023 pool will not be completed until after a 60-day period for opposition by creditors to the new 2023 capital reduction.

Dividend schedule for the week:

Monday 3

Bradsco BBDC4

On the third Monday of this year, Bradesco will make its monthly interest payment on principal, according to the schedule released in December of last year (see here). Shares have been trading excluding JCP since 6.2.2023. The net amounts are R$0.014662352 per common share and R$0.016128588 per preferred share.

Itaúsa (ITSA4)

On Monday, Itaúsa pays a quarterly dividend in interest on equity of R$0.0235295 per share. With an income tax withholding of 15%, it results in a net benefit of R$0.02 per share. This JCP is calculated based on the final stock position on 05.31.2023.

SBF – Centaur

Centauro’s owner, SBF (SBFG3), also paid the mandatory minimum dividend on the corresponding Monday in April. The total amount is R$33,085,127.25, which corresponds to an amount of R$0.13581958861 per share. Shareholders who own shares on April 28, 2023 will be entitled to receive the dividend, and the shares have been trading without a dividend since May 2, 2023.

Hypera (HYPE3)

This Monday is the “set date” to qualify for the Hypera interest on equity announced June 23. The amount is R$0.30793 per common share. Shares will be traded excluding JCP from July 4th.

Banestes (BEES3, BEES4)

The “date with” who is entitled to the JCP approved by Banestes on July 28 is Monday, 3. The net worth is R$0.086712223 per share. The shares will be trading “without rights” as of 07.04.2023.

Fourth Tuesday

Saint Martin (SMTO3)

São Martinho on Tuesday pays interest on the authorized share capital on June 19 in the amount of R$0.447491795 per share. Shareholders are entitled to the share position verified on 06.22.2023. The stock “ex” JCP has been trading since 06.23.2023.

Wed 5

Rent (ALUP11)

Alupar on Wednesday pays the dividend approved on May 10 in the amount of R$0.04 per common share; BRL 0.04 per preferred share and BRL 0.12 per unit. They will be entitled to receive such shareholder dividends which were thus recorded in the Company’s records at the end of May 15, 2023.

Raya Drugasel (RADL3)

Wednesday is the “date with” for the interest on equity of Raia Drogasil announced last Friday, 30. The total amount to be paid per share is R$ 0.0594966458. As of 07/06/2023, shares will be traded without interest on private capital. Payment will be made by 12/01/2023, at a date to be determined by management.

Armac (ARML3)

It is also “dated” by JCP announced by Armac Locação, Logística e Serviços approved on Friday, 30 June. The amount is 0.0868689206 Brazilian reals per share. Effective July 6, 2023, shares will be trading “excluding” this interest on equity. Payment will be made in fiscal year 2023, on a date to be determined by the Board.

Thursday 6

Bradsco (BBDC4)

Bradesco pay Thursday JCP announced on June 15th. Shareholders who have been registered in the Company’s records on 6.26.2023 (the basic date of the Entitlement) will benefit. The net amount is R$0.152147652 per common share and R$0.167362417 per preferred share.

Friday 7

B3 (B3SA3)

On Friday, the 7th, B3 will pay a dividend and interest on authorized share capital on June 22nd. The shares have been trading without profit since June 28. The dividend is R$0.05374173 per share. JCP is 0.05237014 Brazilian reals per share.

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