March 4, 2024

Everton Ribeiro discovers Flamengo’s decision to renew


Idol of the Nation may be without a contract at the end of 2023 and the news about the renewal takes everyone by surprise

Ageive / Thiago Ribeiro - Everton Ribeiro has discovered Flamengo's option
Ageive / Thiago Ribeiro – Everton Ribeiro has discovered Flamengo’s option

Flamengo fans are beginning to witness the end of a victorious cycle in the club’s history. After winning the Libertadores in 2019 and 2022, as well as the Série A and Copa do Brasil titles, a string of champions in this final chapter of Mais Querido’s career can say goodbye. Idols like Bruno Henrique and Rodrigo Cayo have their current association with Mengão that will end in December this year, which is worrying the nation. In one of these cases, The club has just made a drastic decision.

According to the results of the Paparazzo Rubro-Negro page, Flamengo should cut Everton Ribeiro’s salary In the event of contract renewal. People associated with the Javea number 7 have revealed that the midfielder admits it internally and his position remains the same. Despite the interest of rivals such as Corinthians, Mitero’s will is to continue leading Malvadão.

With an enviable style dressed Holy cloakEverton Ribeiro has started to receive criticism from fans in recent years. After excelling in the magical year of 2019, the captain has lived the ups and downs of Rio, even experimenting with the bench. However, Goto’s father and Totoi came out on top and It has become one of Dorival Júnior’s most defining pieces in 2022. The assist for the Libertadores title goal, scored by Gabigol, is proof of this.

Ageive / Thiago Ribeiro – Everton Ribeiro must suffer a salary cut

Do you think Flamengo should renew Everton Ribeiro’s contract?

Do you think Flamengo should renew Everton Ribeiro’s contract?

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in flamingo schedule, Everton Ribeiro must extend the link with Mingau until at least 2024. With the arrival of new players to the team, the idea is to renew Team Ryo little by little, without undergoing drastic changes. Even asked by the nation’s wingers, the No. 7 shirt showed its value in Carioca, when still in charge of Vitor Pereira changed the face of Robro Negro in midfield. With an eye on the next steps for these negotiations, fans are hoping to see an outcome soon.

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