February 27, 2024
Ex-BBB Marcela Mc Gowan exibe brinquedos eróticos

Ex-BBB Marcela Mc Gowan presents exciting games

Ex-BBB Marcela Mc Gowan presents exciting games
Ex-BBB Marcela Mc Gowan presents exciting games. Photo: clone / Instagram

Saturday (2) appeared in a series of stories on Instagram, Ex-BBB Marcela McGowan Shows exciting games. The doctor attended an exhibition of market news and revealed some news. For example, a plaid with several vibrators or a panty with a message for sexual partners. Therefore, she revealed to the fans what she liked the most about the place. As he walked, he laughed at an intimate piece that said “suck me.”

‘Look at this guys. I loved. It really does come with a more direct message,’ the gynecologist said. The 32-year-old former BBC is an ongoing campaigner in favor of female pleasure and women’s self-knowledge of their bodies. Inside Big Brother, she talked about it Several times later, he wrote a book about it.

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The day before the fair, she gathered some friends at her apartment where they spent the night. “I woke up with a hangover, because we were playing games here at home until 3:00 in the morning,” the gynecologist recalls. However, he followed the routine of the day as usual and attended the show as he had intended.

Ex-BBB Marcela Mc Gowan presents exciting games
Exciting show products catch the eye of former BBB Marcela Mc Gowan. Photo: clone / Instagram

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Photo: clone / Instagram

Wind AFT

With a sex life free of taboos and much less fear of giving details to the public, Marcela maintains a serious relationship with Luisa. The two are together and live in a relationship that goes beyond romance. In April, the two put a ring on their finger and fans speculated about the possibility of an engagement.

However, the doctor made sure to rule out this possibility. The ex-sister explained, “I just thought about asking Luisa when she was going again.”

Guests Gaby Prado No “PodDarPrado” podcast, Marcela McGowan and girlfriend luisa, of the duet with Maurílio, opened up the intimacy during their engagement. The former BBB said that she and the singer often have virtual sex and admitted that swapping nudes when they are apart is routine.

“When we’re apart, we do, yeah. Always some things happen. We’ve already received sexual messages (text messages),” the gynecologist said.

the singer luisa, then added: “God, when he brought us together, he was either doing something or was distracting. He said jokingly, because he brought together two impudents.” do not stop.

on the screen

Marcela is currently a producer on Prazer Feminine, a GNT show on Youtube. The third season of the program has already begun recording, and it is scheduled to be broadcast in January 2022. It will be part of the channel’s summer schedule, and will bring some news to the audience.

For example, the participation of men in a private panel, allowing them to clarify their doubts, and the doubts of the public on the streets, to heat up program discussions with a greater diversity of opinions.

Throughout the episodes, the presenters continue to have special guests for light, uninhibited conversation on the most diverse topics, from sexual freedom to sexuality.

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