February 27, 2024
Ex-Google says about AI: 'We make God'

Ex-Google says about AI: ‘We make God’

Comparisons between the current state of artificial intelligence (AI) and excellence finisher It has already been overcome, but a senior industry executive has once again voiced concerns about the risks posed by developing more capable and smarter machines. In an interview with timesCEO Mo Gawdat says he fears something like Skynet and believes “the reality is that we are creating God” from electronic systems.

Jawdat was a business manager Google X, which is an ambiguous division of the alphabet It handled more daring projects and focused on smart systems. It was during his time at the company that he realized just how sophisticated AI systems had been – at a pace that quickly turned from excitement to anxiety.

This is not the first time

He recounted a specific moment: the team was developing a robotic arm capable of catching a ball, and at one point it seemed to “show itself” to researchers and glorify its capabilities. “I suddenly realized that this is very scary. It completely froze me,” he explains.

Years ago, the entrepreneur and current CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon MuskI have already mentioned the fear of that finisher become a reality. But like Jawdat, he’s also got into the field: the electric-car maker has now announced in 2021 that it plans to build a heavy-duty humanoid robot, or Tesla bot.

Even with continued investments in artificial intelligence, concerns are also driving practices to regulate the use of technology. This week, for example, the Chamber of Deputies approved a project in Brazil aimed at breathing life into The legal framework for artificial intelligence in Brazil.