June 12, 2024

Failure on PlayStation Plus gives you a free game

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A possible drawback of PSN is that it allows its subscribers to download a popular horror game for free, which is not less than Resident Evil 7, able to join the bundle of games available in August.

It is not yet known exactly how many regions the alleged bug operates in, but several users around the world have reported that they have been able to pick up Resident Evil 7, Free. So far, subscribers from countries such as the Netherlands, France, the United States and Brazil have reported that it is possible to perform this maneuver.

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On Internet forums, subscribers report that in order to be able to download the game for free, all they have to do is download Demo Resident Evil 7: start hour employment PS Store. When you open the demo in the sequence, in the main menu they choose to buy the full game, and from this, the sequence follows on the screen and the title goes to the subscriber’s library.

So far, it is not known what led to the opening of the title on the platform, nor what the consequences of downloading it under these conditions will be.

This isn’t the first time Sony has introduced this type of episode. In 2019, PSN in the UK also held an episode where the game was Spider-Man from Marvel He appeared for free on the platform, causing quite a stir at the time.

Meanwhile, in the Brazilian market

After announcing the third measure imposing tax cuts on the gaming sector, Sony announced its new official prices for the national market, but as always, there is a problem. paying off Here.

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