February 27, 2024

Falcao and Anna Carolina explain the changes in health after the closure of São Lucas Hospital

The city council announced during a press conference that the care provided by the SUS that was carried out at the São Lucas Hospital will be directed to Santa Casa de Misericórdia. The change starts from Monday (18) because HSL refused to extend the service for another 60 days, claiming that the conditions were not met. Other changes were also announced by Mayor Luis Eduardo Falcao and Health Minister Ana Carolina Caixta Magalhães.

Patients already at the São Lucas Hospital will continue their treatment there, only the new treatments that have to be performed by Santa Casa de Misericórdia. According to Health Minister Anna Carolina Caixita, the unit’s usual hazardous obstetrics and deliveries will be evaluated and, if necessary, referred to hospitals approved by the municipality for deliveries. The same high-risk services continue to be provided in the regional hospital.

Another change that will be made in the health sector is the way SMS appointments are scheduled. Today, the service is carried out by quotas carried out by the USFs, without taking into account the priorities by specialization and the number of necessary consultations in view of the demand. From next Monday, the units will use the computerized system. The data will be sent to the appointment center where specialists will evaluate priorities and schedule appointments according to the severity of each patient.

Also from Monday (18), residents needing assistance from GT – treatment away from home – must go to the reference USF in each neighborhood. According to Mayor Luis Eduardo Falcao, health is a problem that needs to be resolved once and for all in Patos de Minas. This is why the CEO looks for partnerships and means so as not to leave the population unattended. “With the end of SUS care at São Lucas Hospital, we had to look for other means and we were able to open Santa Casa de Misericórdia in record time.”

Falcao explained that the unit is no different from a municipal hospital. “If we are going to build my own hospital, the bureaucracy will be enormous and we will have to do more and more bidding. What we have done are partnerships that have allowed us to simplify the process and as you can see, Santa Casa is in full swing, receiving patients in a dignified and humane way.”