February 29, 2024
Carol Maltesi Davide Fontana

Fan-only model killer reveals sexy game before crime: “I lost control”

[Alerta de gatilho: violência gráfica] This week new details of a female murder that shocked Italy earlier this year were revealed. It’s about the murder of Carole Maltese, better known as Charlotte’s Angel on OnlyFans, by her neighbor, David Fontana, while the two were producing a sexy video. The crime took place in January of this year, and the man was arrested in March, after parts of the model’s body – which were frozen – were found in Borno, in the north of the country.

Now, new developments in the investigation realize that David planned to kill the 26-year-old, with whom he was actually having an affair. According to the Daily Star, the Italian used a fake account on the adult platform to hire the influencer’s services. At one point, he “offered” to record some rather violent content, including bags to the head and choking, which had been requested by a high-end client – who was himself.

🇧🇷I had to pat her stomach and thigh during the scene. Then, I started hitting her on the head. I never saw his face again because it was covered. I lost control. So I took the bag off and realized I killed her.The offender recounted in a new statement, according to El Giorno. Use a hammer for crime.

Fontana then allegedly went down to the property’s kitchen and found a Japanese knife used to cut Maltese’s throat. 🇧🇷I was rocking back and forth, terrified. Then she sent a message to her boyfriend, Salvatore… a text using her cell phone. I wanted to take away her painrecalls the killer, who worked as a banker and culinary blogger.

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Despite claiming that the crime was not premeditated, Davide said he had booked accommodation in an apartment in Riscaldina, where he had taken the girl. There he cut his bodyfor three daysWith saws, hammers and knives. After that, the Italian bought a freezer, used to freeze the cut parts, and placed it in the victim’s home. Until he was arrested in March, the 43-year-old used Carroll’s cards to buy shoes and purses, as well as pay her rent, in order to pretend she was alive.

The victim’s remains were deposited in Borno, near Brescia, where they began to melt in the sun, months after the model was last seen alive near her home. Carroll had a son. Help a fan discover the identity of the actress. Investigators were able to identify six of the twelve tattoos she had on her body.

Carol Maltesi
Carole Maltese was brutally murdered in her home at the age of 26. (Photo: reproduction/Instagram)

It was David himself who went to the police to report the model’s disappearance. But when he gave his first statement, agents noticed a number of inconsistencies. After being called to speak again, David confesses to the murder. Now, he claims:I hate myself for what I did. If I could, I would give my life to undo this act.🇧🇷

Contrary to what Fontana alleges, the prosecution defends the thesis that the femicide was planned because Davide knew she was moving to another city. The main premise is a crime of passion. The banker was not going to accept the end of their love affair.

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