February 26, 2024
"Fear of the public seeing this situation"

“Fear of the public seeing this situation”


Sister vent to Giseilan and Natalia

Lynne vent to Jesse and Natalia.  Photo: clone / globo
Lynne vent to Jesse and Natalia. Photo: clone / globo

Lin da Quebrada took advantage of Saturday afternoon (26), at Cuarto da Lider, to talk about a possible signal for Paradeo on Sunday (27). The sister, who took the lead after Douglas Silva, Paulo Andre and Pedro Scobe withdrew from the race, commented on the nomination of one of the three.

In a conversation with Giseilan and Natalia, the singer said that she was saddened by the situation. “In this case, anyone feels sad. Being a leader is not an easy task,” said Natalia. However, Lin mentioned that that was very difficult. “But it’s a difficult case,” the singer analyzed.

The atmosphere is more relaxed. “It’s a fair skirt, isn’t it? It’s an unfair skirt,” the sisters joked. However, the topic comes back to the situation. “I’m afraid how the public will see this situation,” said the singer, who is considering a nomination for Douglas Silva. “Every choice, a resignation,” Giseilan replied.

Earlier, the sisters talked about the possibilities in the next Paredão for BBB 22. “If you point out the DG, you still have the PA to put it in. And then, whatever it is, that’s a better setup… Even Lucas sister explained to her colleagues that it’s still a better setup. …”.