February 25, 2024

Felipe Augusto celebrates a new achievement in Copenha and comments on the presence of Fernando Lazaro in Araraquara

Corinthians She won the third match of her cup on MondayHe qualified for the second stage of the competition. He was responsible for assists and author of the first four goals scored against Ferroviaria, Felipe Augusto celebrated this new achievement.

Very happy to score another goal and assist for the second goal. That’s it, this is the importance of the group. Timão’s No. 19 said in an interview with Timão’s No. 19 in an interview Sport TV.

Felipe Augusto also commented on the presence of coach Fernando Lazaro in the match. He was very excited by what he saw the captain and even mentioned the importance of getting on the radar of the main Corinthians team.

Regarding Lazaro, it’s great to have him here watching, especially scoring a goal. It’s important to be on the first team’s radar tooCorinthian attacker continued.

With the goal he scored tonight, Felipe Augusto reaches three goals and is isolated in the Corinthian team’s artillery in the current edition of Copenhagen. It is noteworthy that the club scored 11 goals in the first three matches it played in the competition, with an average of 3.6 goals per match.

Now, Felipe Augusto and Corinthians are waiting for definitions for the next stage of the competition. The team, led by Danilo Comercial, from Ribeirao Preto, will face them in the round of 32 of the Copa del Rey, with a date unspecified by the Paulista Football Association.

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