June 13, 2024

Fernanda Terra, from Casamento à Cegas, sparks controversy when commenting on Alisson and Thamara case, even Viih Tube reacts

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Fernanda Terra, from Casamento à Cegas, sparks controversy when commenting on Alisson and Thamara case, even Viih Tube reacts

The former participant of “Casamento à Cegas Brasil”, Fernanda Tira, got into hot water by pinning the relationship between Alisson Hentges and Thamara Térez, amid controversy over the alleged infidelity of the gaucho. This Monday (22) the influencer spoke out after becoming the target of criticism for her opinion on the matter.

The uproar arose after Fernanda commented on an Instagram post. And she questioned Alison’s intention to maintain the relationship with Thamara, given the latest leaked photos in which he appears in an “intimate moment” with another woman. “I only have one thing to say! I am glad to be honored with a man of character and have such a beautiful family! My question is how real were all these “marriages”?!”wrote in the caption.

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The message, however, was not seen with good eyes by many netizens. Viih Tube even responded to the post, dismissing Terra’s position. Locking in other people’s pain isn’t pretty, empathy sends my regards.criticized the former BBB.

Moments later, Nanda talks about the controversy in the stories. A fact I learned today: A valid opinion is a silent, covered opinion. Using words automatically can be confusing. I do not wish to stand in any position. Anyone who accompanies me here knows how grateful I am for my life.”co-vent of the first edition of “Casamento à Cegas”.

“No one deserves to be betrayed, no matter what situation. The main focus was how much men can take certain situations for themselves… I’ve been there, and I know how painful it is. I apologize for the way I spoke. I’m reflective.”described at the end.

Nanda Tera speaks after pinning Allison Huntings (Image: Reproduce/Instagram)
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alleged treason

Alison Hentges is seen with another woman in the photos posted on Instagram by Gossip do Dia, on Monday (22). The flicks showed the boy talking to a petite blonde at a hot dog stand, and one record even captured an alleged kiss between the two. According to the witness responsible for the photos, Alison and the girl were having a “very intimate” moment.

However, the gaucho defended himself against the accusations and denied that he was cheating on his wife. According to Gossip of the Day, Alison announced that the girl next to him was pulling on him while he was trying to get away. Hentges also noted that his arms were lowered to avoid any kind of contact. paying off:

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fruit is pronounced

Via Instagram, Therese opened up about how he felt after the recordings became public: “Out of respect for the affection of all those who accompany me here, who are part of my story and rooted for me, I ask for a little patience so that I can absorb what is happening and return here. After all, we are here together every day and you have become part of my family.”

The lawyer also took the opportunity to thank the messages of affection she received on social media. “I am fine and will be calm for a while. I sincerely thank you for all the affection and ask for your sympathy and understanding at this time when I need to maintain my mental health,” mentioned.

Text from Thamara posted on Instagram. (photo: playback / Instagram)

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