June 5, 2023
FGTS can be used to pay off homeownership debts;  I know how

FGTS can be used to pay off homeownership debts; I know how

The FGTS balance (Service Time Guarantee Fund) can be used to repay late installments Mortgage. What is new is that the worker can now pay more premiums using these resources.

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The FGTS Board of Trustees has approved the use of the resource for up to 12 monthly overdue payments or debt repayments in one go. Until then, it was allowed to pay up to 3 installments.

Using FGTS at home

The new rules are valid until December 31, 2022 and include all employees with available amounts in active and inactive accounts. The property must have been financed by the Financial System for Housing (SFH).

The possibility also extends to those who used the FGTS to make a down payment on their home or to pay off debt less than two years ago. For the changes to take effect, the changes must be regulated within 30 days.

Home Finance with FGTS

All homeowners were financed using FGTS balance Eligible for SFH and must have a maximum of R$ 1.5 million. In this method, the maximum interest is 12% per annum.

The values ​​can be used to purchase a residential property and build a house of their own. As mentioned, it can also be spent on settling or amortizing the outstanding balance and paying installments.

In order to be able to implement real estate financing with FGTS, there are a few rules. Check what they are:

  • You have at least three years of repayment to the FGTS;
  • Not having any active funding under SFH;
  • Do not own other property in the city in which you live or work, neighboring municipalities or the metropolitan area.

The property can be used or renovated as long as it is intended for urban housing; And you cannot have a pending registration due to seller debts. In addition, it must cost up to 1.5 million Rls, and its current owner cannot have any debt or name registered in the registry of credit protection agencies.

The last condition is that the property has not been acquired with an FGTS score in the past three years.