June 7, 2023
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FGTS: The new draw up to 1000 BRL has a return date

According to the calendar, the issuance of withdrawals will continue until June 15. On the other hand, all groups will be able to withdraw until next December, according to information received from the federal government.

See the timeline of those born each month:

  • January: April 20
  • February: April 30
  • March: May 4
  • April: May 11
  • May: May 14
  • June: May 18
  • July: May 21
  • August: May 25
  • September: May 28
  • October: 1st of June
  • November: June 08
  • December: June 15

It is important to remember that workers are not obligated to implement a withdrawal FGTSbut if they do not want to take advantage of the opportunity, they can do so only in specific cases established by law.


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The FGTS It is a financial reserve for the worker, guaranteed by the Labor Law Act. Every month, the company deposits 8% of the employee’s salary and the money can only be withdrawn in the event of dismissal without just cause.

Therefore, in the event of dismissal for good reason or the resignation of the employee, the funds will remain in the fund, but cannot be transferred. However, the values ​​can also be edited in emergency situations, as is currently the case.

Check out the FGTS website

First of all, the worker who prefers can consult FGTS balance Through the official website of the Guarantee Fund. There it is possible to find out if a citizen has the right to withdraw.

Therefore, if there is a positive answer, he will also be able to refer to the credit release date that will be set by the federal government.

Inquiry through the app

Through the application, the range of possibilities is significantly larger. There, the citizen will also be able to find out if there is any credit in his name and also what will be the date of receipt of the benefit, if there is a positive answer. But in addition to this, the worker will also be able to refer to some basic data that is available there.

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Finally, through the application, citizens can also report that they do not want to receive FGTS balance Immediately. In addition, he can also request the return of the amount deposited in the FGTS account.

After that, the individual will also be able to use the account to update the registration data and create a so-called digital social savings account, which will work on the deposits.