June 14, 2024

FIFA 22: See confirmed FUT Champions and their ratings | FIFA

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FIFA 22: See confirmed FUT Champions and their ratings |  FIFA

One of the main new features of FIFA 22FUT Champions will be present for the first time in the mode Ultimate team. The cards are meant to honor retired players who have made history in national championships around the world. In all, 19 heroes from the past have already been released by EA Sports – A Brand of Electronic Arts It is part of the tournaments EinglishAnd ItalianAnd GermanAnd SpanishAnd FrenchMexican, North American and Arab. During the game, the trend is for more stars to participate in the action.

The FUT Champions will not only be negotiable, but they will also be interesting pieces for assembling the user team. They have a different chemistry than the other players in the more popular EA Sports football simulation mode, with nationality and league rather than clubs on the cards.

FIFA 22 FUT Champions – Photo: Press release / EA Sports

FUT Champions have perfect Chemistry if they are in the right positions and are linked with other players of the same league and nationality. In the event that they are from the same competition but with different nationalities, the connection will be strong.

On the other hand, with the same nationality and a different league, the connection between the FUT champion and another player will be weak. Finally, if you don’t connect them or place them in the wrong positions, chemistry and performance will drop during matches.

Examples of FUT Champions mingling with other players – Image: Trailer / EA Sports

Take a look at all the FIFA 22 FUT Champions:

  • Tim Cahill (forward) – 85

Tim Cahill – Photo: Reproduction / EA Sports

  • Robbie Keane (Atacante) – 86 D overall

Robbie Keane – Photo: Reproduction / EA Sports

  • Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (forward) – 86 on aggregate

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – Photo: Reproduction / EA Sports

  • Freddy Ljungberg (left half) – 86 overall

Freddie Ljungberg – Photo: Reproduction / EA Sports

  • Jerzy Dudek (Goalkeeper) – 86 on aggregate

Jerzy Dudek – Photo: Playback / EA Sports

  • Joe Cole (right end) – 87 overall

Joe Cole – Photo: Reproduction / EA Sports

  • Diego Milito (forward) – 88 overall

Diego Milito – Photo: Reproduction / EA Sports

  • Antonio Di Natale (forward) – 88 overall

Antonio Di Natale – Photo: Reproduction / EA Sports

  • Ivan Cordoba (Rear) – 87 on aggregate

Evan Cordoba – Photo: INJAB/EA Sports

  • Mario Gomez (forward) – 88 overall

Mario Gomez – Photo: Playback / EA Sports

  • Lars Ryken (Half) – 85 overall

Lars Ryken – Photo: Reproduction / EA Sports

  • Jürgen Koehler (Back) – 89 on aggregate

Jürgen Koehler – Photo: Reproduction / EA Sports

  • Fernando Morientes (forward) – 89 إجمالي total

Fernando Morientes – Photo: Reproduction / EA Sports

  • Alexander Mostovoy (May) – 86 in total

Alexander Mostovoy – Photo: INJAB/EA Sports

  • Abedi Pele (Half) – 89 . total

Abedi Pele – Photo: Reproduction / EA Sports

  • David Ginola (left half) – 89 on aggregate

David Ginola – Photo: Reproduction / EA Sports

  • Jorge Campos (Goalkeeper) – 87 on aggregate

Jorge Campos – Photo: Reproduction / EA Sports

  • Clint Dempsey (Half) – 85 in total

Clint Dempsey – Photo: Playback / EA Sports

  • Sami Al Jaber (forward) – 86 . overall

Sami Al-Jaber – Photo: Enjab / EA Sports

All 19 FUT Champions will be present at the official launch of FIFA 22, which is scheduled for October 1. The game will be available on PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, PC and Google Stadia, as well as the Legacy version for Nintendo Switch.

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