June 24, 2024

Find out exactly when your hair starts to age

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Find out exactly when your hair starts to age

it is known that Hair begins to age As we age. Hair aging is observed when strands of white hair begin to appear. But in addition to the white wires, the wire structure begins to lose resistance, becomes brittle, as well as the appearance of dry sides and takes longer to grow.

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The hair begins to show a loss of volume and a decrease in the thickness of the strands. Other factors such as frequent use of chemicals, excessive sun exposure, lack of wire care, and frequent use of irons and dryers also accelerate hair aging. In addition, stress, the use of certain medications and some diseases are also detrimental to the health of the hair.

The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology published a study that highlights differences in hair graying across ethnicities.

How the study was conducted to determine how hair begins to age

The study was based on analyzes of more than 69 publications, in order to identify the process of changes in hair structure. The focus of the study was to assess these changes according to the ethnicity of the patients.

To complement the studies, information about hair structure, peculiarities about aging and responses to external factors, as well as specific care for each group of individuals, such as hygiene, for example, were evaluated.

Study conclusions

The first description provided by the researchers deals with the differences in how the signs of aging begin to be perceived. In people of African and black descent, the effects of hair aging begin to appear from the age of 40. In white and Asian Caucasians, effects are seen around the age of 30.

Research has also determined that in people of African American descent, for example, the initial damage occurs near the root of the scalp, while in Caucasians and Asians, the damage begins in the far hair shaft.

In women after the age of age, there is a decrease in hair growth on the scalp, especially in the frontal part, as well as a decrease in growth and smaller diameters in the rest of the head.

The research aims to highlight the importance of preventive hair care. This is because hair plays an important role in protecting and influencing self-esteem. According to experts, knowledge of the differences in hair aging contributes to the best treatment according to the characteristics of each patient.

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