March 4, 2024

Find out how much your electric bill has increased

It’s the middle of 2023 and Brazilians are dealing with skyrocketing prices for many items. One of them is the electricity bill. Since it is an essential service, there is no way to run out of electricity. The problem is that when a person doesn’t pay the tariff, the company turns off their energy. However, the tariff will be adjusted again.

That is, the light bill will be more expensive. The news did not satisfy the population. However, Aneel (National Agency for Electric Energy) agreed to adjust the tariff. According to the authority, the electricity company witnessed an increase in energy transmission costs. Therefore, the adjustment was necessary for the Company to continue carrying out its operations.

Keep reading this article to find out how much of a mod it will be.

Anil agrees to amend electricity bill – Credit: jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Anil authorizes the adjustment of the electricity bill for this area

First of all, it is important to clarify that the increase in the electricity bill will not affect all Brazilians. As mentioned earlier, Aneel has only allowed re-adjustment for one company. Last Tuesday (9), the entity agreed to amend the annual tariff of Neoenergia, an electric energy company based in Recife, the capital of Pernambuco. This means that the increase in electricity prices will be allocated to the city’s residents.

The new values ​​go into effect on Sunday (May 14). According to Aneel, the measure will reach 3.9 million consumers across the state of Pernambuco.

Check the reset value

Consumers are divided into categories. Class B1, both residential and low-income, will have the lowest light bill readjustment rate. The value of the increase will be 8.16%. Meanwhile, the B2 category will see an increase of 8.51%. In this case, the group affected would be rural with the following sub-categories: Agriculture, Rural Electrification Cooperative, Rural Industry, Public Rural Irrigation Service. Finally, Class A1, which uses higher voltages, will reset by 10.41%, according to the new schedule.

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Find out how to get a discount on energy tariffs

If you need a discount on your electric bill, you can enroll in the Tariff of Social and Electricity (TSEE) programme. As the name suggests, the benefit is aimed at low-income residents who need discounts to pay for electricity services.

To access the TSEE it is necessary to have an active registration in CadÚnico (a single registry for social programs of the federal government). Low-income families can count on discounts of up to 60%. Meanwhile, residents of the indigenous and quilombola communities can enjoy a discount of up to 100%.

If a person meets the eligibility criteria and is in CadÚnico, they can now receive benefits. When in doubt, simply contact your area electric company for more information on the electric bill rebate program.

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