May 30, 2023
Find out if you are entitled to

Find out if you are entitled to

a FGTS It is the right of any worker with an official contract. However, you can withdraw the amount only under specific conditions established by law. The most famous of these is dismissal without good reason, but other possibilities include retirement and the purchase of a home.

In addition to the fund’s money, workers are also entitled to a penalty of 40% on the value. So, if you want to know how this fine works and who is entitled to it, check it out below!

40% FGTS fine: Find out if you’re entitled to

Thus, in the event of a fine of 40% of the FGTS, they are entitled to receive workers dismissed without just cause. In this case, you receive the full amount deposited during the term of the employment contract, plus a termination penalty of 40% on top of this amount.

In addition, workers dismissed by mutual consent are entitled to receive up to 80% of the FGTS balance deposited by the employer during the term of the employment contract. However, in this case, the penalty for termination is 20%.

Workers who joined the FGTS anniversary withdrawal, but fell into one of the above situations, also deserve a fine. Only, in this case, they cannot withdraw the entire amount of the fund upon dismissal. Finally, workers who are dismissed for good cause, or who resign, are not entitled to a fine of 40% of the FGTS.

Finally, employers always have until the 7th of every month to deposit into accounts opened at Federal Savings BankOn behalf of the staff. In the case of the FGTS, the corresponding amount is 8% of the salary of each employee.

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