April 13, 2024
Find out what it means to always have the same dreams

Find out what it means to always have the same dreams

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Did you dream the same dream Every night? Or have the same dream over and over and then go a long time without having the dream? Or do you go years without having a dream you used to have, and years later you come back?

All of these situations are very common among us humans, and some people even have very specific dreams like:

  • Dream that you are falling
  • To dream that you are silent without being able to scream or speak
  • I dream that you are dying
  • Dream that you are running without being able to leave the place
  • I dream that you are flying
  • Dreaming that you are failing at something
  • Dream in slow motion
  • To dream that you are trapped without being able to get out or free yourself

These are some of the most common dreams that people refer to often.

What do these dreams mean?

there are many motives Which causes these dreams to recur, but according to some scientists, we may know some of the reasons.

Psychologist, in an interview with ConversationExplain that this can happen because it is possible that the brain is trying to resolve some unresolved internal conflict, or that it is being avoided.

These personal questions that your brain and your subconscious mind turn into recurring dreams are closely related to some important issues in life.

Dreams can help you better understand certain situations painfulpainful or stressful, but it can also reflect how your insides are.

However, recurring dreams reveal that you are having trouble dealing with something special in your life, and this is your mind’s way of showing you that.

Unmet needs symbolize dreams in which you are late or unable to do something because you are unable to do so. In other ways, these recurring dreams can show past frustrations or problems.

Even after you find these answers to provide us, the Sciences It still cannot be said with certainty that this is actually the cause of their occurrence. Thus, it could be a genetic or an emotional problem, such as depression or chronic anxiety.

If these dreams end up disturbing your health, sleep, and inner peace, find a psychologist who specializes in bedtime and sleep routines. Talk to him, as it is the best thing to do in these situations.