March 4, 2024
Find out who sent you a WhatsApp message without having to unlock your phone

Find out who sent you a WhatsApp message without having to unlock your phone

Although everyone already knows that The WhatsApp It is the largest and most popular messaging app in the world. With it, anyone can communicate, from the most different locations on the planet, all in real time and with the quality of the activities on the platform.

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People have several types of contacts in the messenger, and many can wait for the quieter moments of the day for a response. Others, however, need immediate responses, prioritizing the list of application users, such as work-related ones, for example.

From that point on, WhatsApp saw the need to distinguish between conversations, and therefore decided to unlock the possibility of each contact having a different sound to notify the arrival of their messages. Thus, it will be possible to determine who is sending something, without having the device at hand.

How to set a custom ringtone on WhatsApp?

Below, you can check step by step to make changes in each operating system. paying off:


First, access the WhatsApp application and then tap on the conversation with a person or group to customize the sound. Next, click on “wallpaper and sound” and “customize ringtone”. Then select “Alert Tones” and “Classics🇧🇷 Click Save and the process is finished.


Access WhatsApp and click on the options in the upper right corner, already inside the conversation with the person or group. Select the Contact View option, then Custom Notifications. Choose the sound you want and you’re done.

Will WhatsApp be paid?

In addition to the customization capabilities, another piece of news left people in doubt: the application fee. So far, the messenger is free to download and use, however, WhatsApp Premium has emerged as a new idea from Meta, the company that runs the platform.

According to the company, there will be no charges for using the regular app. In this way, the premium version will come as an update to the already used WhatsApp Business app. The purpose is to provide entrepreneurs with a different sales experience, being able to, for example, include ten devices in the same account and custom links.

These services still do not have an exact working date, as many changes are being made before this version is released to the public.