June 18, 2024

Find out who uses the service the most

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Find out who uses the service the most

Teachers and other public servants in education are currently the largest users of . health insurance Government of the Federal District (GDF), GDF Health. According to Instituto Assistência à Saúde dos Servidores do DF (Inas-DF), 48% of the services provided under the agreement were provided to professionals in the area.

Thus, health workers received 28% of the total number of calls. Since its inception, in October 2020, and until March 31 of this year, the plan has recorded more than 5 thousand hospitalizations. Of this total, 59% of patients were female.

According to Inas DF, the local health plan has conducted 195,000 consultations for employees and their families. It also provided more than 2,800 surgeries.

GDF Saúde has secured over 1.26 million server lab tests. Currently, the plan protects approximately 80,000 lives among members and dependents.


Regarding the Covid-19 epidemic, the plan included 400 hospitalizations for staff and family members infected with the novel coronavirus, and access to 80 intensive care unit (ICU) beds.

According to Inas-DF, GDF Saúde paid for 16,000 RT-PCR tests to diagnose whether or not infection with Covid-19.

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against the health insurance An individual GDF Saúde will have no modification in 2022as mentioned before capital Cities This Monday (2/5). In June, Inas-DF will launch popular and patriotic packages.

The institute has also started signing agreements with public subsidiaries, such as Companhia Urbanizadora da Nova Capital do Brasil (Novacap).

Soon, the county government should send a draft to the Legislative Council (CLDF) in order to pave the way for agreements with independent public companies, such as DF’s Environmental Sanitation Corporation (Caesb).

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