February 5, 2023

Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter Rise Featured in This Week’s Editions | Role playing games

launch clash logo f Monster hunter rise is the highlight of this week’s releases, with a new chapter in the company’s strategy RPG series. Nintendo And the availability of more monster hunting game platforms from capcom. In addition, there are two titles from the RPG series of Atlus, Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden, as well as Mojiken’s retro-looking adventure, A Space for the Unbound. Check, below, all the details about the first titles, such as dates, prices and devices on which they will be available.

In Fire Emblem Engage it will be possible to summon heroes from other chapters of the series to assist in your battles – Image: Playback / Nintendo Game Store

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The Firefight – Jan 20 – SW

Nintendo’s classic strategy RPG series is back with a new game that also explores the franchise’s past. A thousand years later, the seal that bound the terrible dragon has weakened and the continent of Elios is preparing to enter the Age of Darkness. So, in the role of a divine dragon warrior, players will have to gather an army of allies to defeat the enemy.

A great novelty for the game, both in history and gameplay, are the new Emblem Rings, rings that let you connect with the spirit of past heroes in the series, such as Marth, Lyn, Sigurd, Corrin, Celica, Byleth, and more. Your warriors can be enhanced with the help of accessories and they can even take on a powerful form resulting from fusion with ancient heroes, called Engage. Fire Emblem Engage is now available for Nintendo Switch For 299 Brazilian reals.

Monster Hunter Rise – Jan. 20 – ps5,XBSX/S, Playstation 4XB

Initially exclusive to Nintendo Switch in 2021, the Monster Hunter Rise chapter is now available for all platforms with its dangerous monsters. In this RPG, users visit the Japanese-themed village of Kamura to protect it from a phenomenon called Rampage, which causes several monsters to attack at the same time.

The core mechanic of hunting monsters and plundering loot from their corpses to make better weapons and armor relics, as does an emphasis on online multiplayer for up to 4 people. The release also introduced some new features, such as a canine companion named Palamute, who can act as a mount, and the ability to control monsters for a limited time, through Wyvern Riding technology.

Monster Hunter Rise is available for PlayStation 5 (PS5) and PlayStation 4 (PS4) for BRL 184.90 and original. Xbox Xbox XAnd xbox s And Xbox One For 184 Brazilian reals. The game will also be available at Xbox Game Pass There are no additional costs for subscribers.

Monster Hunter Rise has been released on more platforms after a period of exclusivity on Nintendo Switch – Image: Playback / Microsoft Store

Persona 4 Golden – January 19 – XBSX/S, PS4, XB, SW

Two classic RPGs from the Atlus saga, originally released on Playstation 2Received a remaster for existing consoles this week. Persona 4 Golden tells the story of a group of students who awaken a supernatural force known as “Persona” and use it to investigate a series of mysterious murders.

The game is divided into two parts, a simulator during the day, in which the hero goes to school and establishes relationships with other characters, and a classic RPG in night shifts, when the group enters a parallel world inhabited by shadows in search of clues.

Persona 4 Golden is available for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for $99.99. The game can also be played through Xbox Game Pass at no additional cost to subscribers.

In Persona 4 Golden, a group of students with the ability to summon people investigate a series of mysterious murders – Image: Playback / Microsoft Store

Persona 3 Portable – January 19 – XBSX / S, PS4, XB, SW, PC

In this episode of the series, the player controls a different group of students, who have to investigate a mysterious extra hour between one day and the next, called the Dark Hour. During this period, a giant tower called Tartarus appears, with a large number of floors to explore.

As in the previous game, during the day the game’s protagonists go to school, they have to study, get part-time jobs, and form relationships with other characters. Already during the night, they need to unravel the mysteries and confront the enemies. Battles also take place in turns, with each character showing off their personal strength in combat.

Persona 3 Portable is available for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for $99.99. The game is also available on Xbox Game Pass at no additional cost to subscribers.

In Persona 3 Portable, young heroes explore an inexplicable tower with monster-infested floors to unravel the mystery of the Dark Hour – Image: Reproduction/Microsoft Store

A Space for the Unbound – January 19 – PS5, XBSX/S, PS4, XB, SW, PC

A charming indie adventure game, A Space for the Unbound features two teens in love who must deal with the end of the world. In this story about overcoming anxiety and depression, married couple Atma and Raya will encounter supernatural forces in the middle of rural Indonesia in the 1990s. The game has retro visuals inspired by the Super Nintendo classics and there is a free intro available, about 20 minutes long on the digital stores steam and GOG.

Space for Unbound is available on Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One for €34.95, on Nintendo Switch for €49.96 and for PC via Steam digital stores, Epic Games Store and GOG.

A Space for the Unbound is a retro indie adventure game set in Indonesia in the 1990s – Image: Playback / Nintendo Game Store

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