February 25, 2024
Flamengo and Minas face each other in match 3 of the NBB semi-final |  Noticeable

Flamengo and Minas face each other in match 3 of the NBB semi-final | Noticeable

distance Minas win for the second time and open 2-0 in the seriesThe flamingo He returns to face the opponent this Tuesday, at 20. As with Sunday’s match, tonight’s duel will take place at Arena Minas in Belo Horizonte. As the Novo Basquete Brasil (NBB) semi-finals are played in the top five, Rubro-Negro is one victory away from the rankings.

Flamengo beat Minas at home last Sunday – Photo: Orlando Pinto/MTC

If Minas wins soon, the decision will go to Rio de Janeiro. The fifth match, if necessary, will also take place under the leadership of the Flamengo Court.

– In our last match against them, we played the first half just below our capabilities. He lacked a bit of energy, and the team was a bit distracted. In the second half, finally, we were able to play well, and we did what we needed to do to achieve our goal – Franco Balbi, the red and black point guard commented.

For Leo Costa, coach of Minas, it is not time to regret the two defeats. As for the coach, the Minas Gerais team needs to maintain confidence even with a very bad situation.

– In the play-off, we don’t have much time to regret, we’ve already turned the key to the last match. We have things to fix, but we need to keep high confidence in everything we’ve built during the season, to raise our level of performance – he explained.

who pass by flamingo S. Minas will face the winner Franca x Sao Paulo in the final. The Inland team wins the series by 2:1.