September 26, 2023

Flamengo opens negotiations to renew his contract with Gabigol for another five years | Flamingo

Gabigol’s necklace Flamingo. This is the wish of both parties, who have already begun negotiations to renew the contract, which expires in December 2024. The club and the player communicate frequently, seeking consensus on the terms of the new five-year bond.

In the 47th minute of the second half – a goal from inside the area by Gabi de Flamengo against Atletico-BR

Negotiations already involve values, and Flamingo He did not agree to Gabriel’s initial request, for an increase of just over 50% in relation to the current salary. However, there is confidence in the deal, and a Rubro-Negro wave with prize triggers of achievements that should bring the total contract value closer to the required figure of 10.

Gabigol – Photo: Marcelo Cortes/CRF

A successful negotiation would see Gabriel receive the highest salary in the cast Flamingo. The player and his agent, Junior Pedroso, have already met Marcos Praz and Bruno Spindel. There is optimism from all involved in the happy ending.

Even with the transfer window open and the Middle East market heating up, particularly in the Arabian Peninsula, there is no deal on the table with proposals for an exit and talks only relating to contract extensions. desire Flamingo It is the severance of the bond and the signing of a new bond for a period of five years once the agreement is concluded.

If the termination of negotiations is immediate, then the new contract will be valid until mid-2028. If the talks extend to the rest of the season, then the desire to sign him is until the end of 2029.

What is known is that the agreement will refer to a period of more than 10 years for Gabriel V Flamingo. He was contracted at the beginning of 2019 on loan from Inter Milan, and the striker immediately became an idol, a champion of the Libertadores, and was bought from the Italian club for about 17 million euros in January 2020, when he signed a contract valid until December 2024.

In his fifth season with the club, there are already 11 titles, 151 goals and 245 appearances. He is the seventh highest scorer in history Flamingo And one of the greatest idols of all time.

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