June 25, 2024

Flamengo reveals confrontations in the face of sports – Flamengo

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Flamengo reveals confrontations in the face of sports - Flamengo

Flamengo has a new important embezzlement to face the sport, in a late match of round 26

Flamengo will meet Sport next Friday (03), at 20:00 (GMT), in the Arena Pernambuco, for the 26th round of the Brazilian Championship. Mauricio Sousa will be in charge of Robro Negro, who has already drawn up the list of those related to this engagement.

In total, 22 athletes are available. are they: Bruno Henrique, Bruno Viana, Cesar, David Luiz, Diego, Gabriel Batista, Gustavo Enrique, Hugo, Joao Gomez, Kennedy, Lazaro, Mathuzinho, Michael, Pedro, Rodrigo Caillou, Ramon, Rene, Rodini, Ryan Luca, Thiago Maya, Thiagoinho , Vitenho

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Felipe Lewis, who has a calf injury, is out of the fight and will only be back on the field in 2022. Willian Arau, in turn, was diagnosed with osteooedema in the knee, and therefore was unrelated either. Arrascaeta, Andreas, Diego Alves, Isla, Gabigol and Everton Ribeiro are also not on the list and will miss the duel.

Sport x Flamengo will be shown by Premiere FC, but Coluna do Fla brings the most red and black transmissions on the internet, via YouTube. Rafa Pinedo leads the narrative with commentator Tulio Rodriguez and reporter Anna Beatriz Zayat.

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