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Flamengo tied 1-1 with Ciara and sleep in Group 4 from Brazil

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Flamengo tied 1-1 with Ciara and sleep in Group 4 from Brazil

Flamengo won this afternoon 22) valuable points as a visitor. In front of Ciara, in Castellao, the team led by coach Renato Gaucho scored a 1-1 draw – goals by Vina and Vitino – and will sleep in the G-4 of the Brazilian championship.

With the same 28 points as Red Bull Bragantino, Robro Negro hopes to defeat the Sao Paulo team against America-MG, on Monday (23), to remain in the top four in the most important competition in the country. However, focusing on the rankings, it is important to keep in mind that the team from within São Paulo will still have two more games than Fla at the end of the round.

Flamengo will now return to the pitch on Wednesday to face Syndicate For the quarter-finals of the Brazilian Cup, in Porto Alegre.

As for Brazil, next Saturday (28), it will face the Rio Santos team in Villa Belmero. Ciara, in turn, faces América-MG, in Belo Horizonte, the next day.

Significant embezzlement

To face Ciara, far from home, the Flamengo could not count on the important pieces. After his suspension, Willian Arau and Bruno Enrique were unable to enter the field in the 17th round of the Brazilian League. Uruguayan midfielder Arascaeta, in turn, was identified with signs of muscle wastage and thus was shunned, remaining in Rio de Janeiro.

Looking for G-4 hair

With 27 points in 14 games played so far, Flamengo went to the Northeast with a clear goal: Renato Gaucho and his teammates wanted to finish Sunday in the G-4 of the country’s most important tournament. Bragantino, who is fourth before the start of the Tour, takes the field tomorrow (23) and takes on America-MG in Belo Horizonte.

stone in shoe

Prior to this weekend’s clash, Flamengo have played 12 matches against Ciara in the past 10 years. During this period, the Rio team won only four matches. Two of them are with the great team Jorge Jesus, in 2019, Carioca, Brazilian and Editors. The other, in 2018, with Barbieri. Prior to that, Vanderlei Luxembourgo in 2011 beat Fouzau.

Who Worked Well: Vetino and Gabigol

Striker Vetinho had a great season, and he was essential for Flamengo not to leave Castellao with defeat. And by scoring the goal 6 minutes after the start of the second half, the striker reached 11 goals in 39 matches he played in 2021.

Despite losing good chances of swinging the net, especially in the first half, Gabriel used all his abilities to provide the crucial passes. With a good view of the game, the number 9 shirt left the area well, but he also saw his teammates squander the obvious opportunities he helped create.

Who was wrong: Everton Ribeiro

The Flamengo midfielder moved in and helped mark, but despite his quality, he did little with the ball in Sunday’s duel. Without the usual big games, Everton Ribeiro ended up being substituted in the second stage.

First time

The tone of Castellao’s first half was very clear: while visiting Flamengo, he took the match action to score, Ciara, the home team, used a counterattack technique. Point for Goto Ferreira.

Get key opportunities at your feet Gabigol And with the most ball possession (66%), Rio had no efficiency in swinging Richard’s net and saw Fuzao go into the locker room with an advantage, after only one submission.

Technically poor, the first 45 minutes were taken in Fortaleza and very few good plays were created.

Ceara’s goal

In the 31st minute, the midfielder Vina received a good pass on the edge of the area, and quickly, he shot hard and opened the scoring for Ciara, with no chances for goalkeeper Diego Alves.

First big chance

Flamengo’s great chance to swing past Ciara came after just 37 minutes at Gabriel’s feet. He received a pass from Everton Ribeiro, had time to control the ball, at the entrance to the small area, but ended up isolating the ball to the finish line.

At 39, again with Gabigol, the Rio team came to the attack. However, without a corner, the Flamengo striker forced goalkeeper Richard to save well.

Electric Vetino: Joule!

Just 6 minutes into the second half, when Ciara was more powerful on the field, Flamengo got the equaliser. After receiving a fine pass from Filipe Luis, the inspiring Vetinho left everything intact at Castellao. With a powerful shot and without an opportunity for Richard, the striker reached the 11th goal in 39 matches this season.

Almost again!

At 11, Vitinho almost scored the turning point. In a powerful kick from the edge of the area, Flamengo was distinguished by passing the ball with a danger very close to Richard’s right post.

Leo Pereira saves the flamingo

In the 23rd minute, Rick had the opportunity to put Fuso back in front. After a superb dribbling of Bruno Viana, in the penalty area, the Ciara striker tried to kick the ball from the right corner, but he saw defender Leo Pereira, with his header, block the net from shaking.

Flemish with bigger size

The next minute Flamengo went to Ceará in search of a tie player. Michael, who missed the match, had a great opportunity at the age of 28, but ended up wasting Gabigol’s excellent help.

With the score 1-1, the tone of the second stage became identical to the first 45 minutes of the match. While Flamengo tried to win at all costs, and bypassed Ceará, Guto Ferreira’s team, especially with the changes, sought to force counterattacks quickly.

Despite the good play and intense match, the result did not change until the final whistle for Leandro Voadin.

data sheet
CEARÁ 1 x 1 Flamingo

Stadium: Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza (CE)
The reason: the seventeenth round of the Brazilian Championship
Date and time: August 22, 2021 at 4:00 PM
Referee: Leandro Vuaden (RS) Assist: Jorge Bernardi (RS) and Jorge Calza (RS)
Video Technique: Daniel Pence (Republika Srpska)

Yellow Cards: Joao Gomez, Diego Ribas (FLA).
Red cards:-

Goals: Fina, Ciara, in the 31st minute of the first half; Vitino, in the sixth of the second stage, with Flamengo

Ciara: Richard, Messias, William Oliveira (Pedro Naresi), Bruno Pacheco and Fernando Sobral; Luis Ottavio, Fabinho, Fina (Mendoza); Lima (Jorginho), Rick (Eric) and Kleber (Yael). Artistic: Goto Ferreira

Flamingo: Diego Alves. Mathuzinho, Bruno Viana, Leo Pereira (Rodini) and Felipe Luis; Diego Ribas (Max), Joao Gomez and Everton Ribeiro (Gustavo Enrique); Vitino, Gabigol (Pedro) and Michael (Lazzaro). Artistic: Renato Gaucho

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