February 29, 2024
Foldable iPhone mockup created by YouTuber

Foldable iPhone mockup created by YouTuber

While it seems like an unlikely dream for Apple to launch a foldable iPhone, at least for now, a YouTuber has made himself available to create a prototype iPhone that folds its screen🇧🇷 Last Monday, the 7th, a YouTuber released a video telling the evolution and what it achieved as the final result of turning the iPhone X into a foldable device.

The video has already garnered more than 400,000 views. and the inquisitive a file From Hint than can if had become the phone, with prediction in release Until 2025.

Named by iPhone V youtuber, the model contains some parts of the iPhone released in 2017 and other parts of Motorola Razr, which was the flagship product to allow the screen to fold. However🇧🇷 as such this that it phone experimental, no We can To believe in it’s a Probably in order to support movements routine in to open And the close without is being Problems In the future🇧🇷 This is also something that manufacturers who produce this type of model have always thought of, as they are always looking to improve the durability of the device in this regard.

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Learn more about the creation process

As expected, the iPhone V build process was tiring due to the demand for a lot of work, says the YouTuber in the released video. The project took nearly 200 days to complete, and more than 30 tests were conducted to reach the final result. between two screens cracks or crackedHey Iphone It was collapsible he did with no loss Layers From Team OLED to make it more flexible. The YouTuber, who is also an engineer, had to study how to practically assemble this entire body of the device from scratch.

When is overHey Prototype From prison cell It was inserted With iOS from Apple. despite, the device depends on the request presents jams in commuting, Ago software has not been Designer For this type of smart phone.

Project launch possibilities

Samsung is more likely to implement this project than Apple, since Steve Jobs should enter this foldable market only in 2024. Although curious, Apple’s first foldable product will be the iPad.