February 21, 2024

for little? Discounts on popular cars should only last for one month

According to the calculations of the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers (Anfavea), R$500 million has been made available by the federal government to provide Popular car discounts It should only last for a month. According to the rules that were released, the program should last about four months, or until the available resources ran out.

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“It will be interesting if the government realizes the importance of generating taxes through these sales and can increase the amount of R$500 million for the programme,” explained Marcio de Lima Leite, President of Anfavea.

According to Marcio, the value should help sell 100,000 to 110,000 cars, which is just 5% of the automaker’s annual output. Thus, the discounts offered should be between R$4,500 and R$5,000 per vehicle, depending on the model and specification of each.

Discounts will follow the criteria

In the announcement made on Monday (5), the government stated that the rebates will range between R$2,000 and R$8,000, according to criteria such as engine energy efficiency, fuel used and the number of parts produced in Brazil.

Thus, Marcio claims, the program is important for heating up the market for vehicles sold to individuals, which is only a few steps away. “A conducive environment is being created to increase sales in this sector,” he said. In the case of trucks and buses, Anfavea has not yet completed the calculations to estimate how long the tax resources on offer will take.

In all, the government has allocated R$500 million for cars, R$700 million for trucks and R$300 million for buses and vans. However, in order to be able to pay off the discounts offered, the government expects to restart diesel, which was only scheduled for January 2024. With that, the return will happen in two stages. The first is in 90 days, with R$0.11 tax charged per liter of diesel. The second, which refers to the remaining R$0.35 issued, will only happen in January.