June 24, 2024

Ford suspends Maverick orders in the US market

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Ford suspends Maverick orders in the US market

Ford has halted orders for the Maverick midsize truck in the U.S. market. The reason given to sellers is that the company wants to fulfill the reservations that have already been made. The temporary suspension will begin on January 27.

For those who still want a Maverick, the ideal option is to order by this date, because you will get it only in American summer, that is, about the middle of the year.

With prices starting at $20,000, the truck has thousands to order, especially for the hybrid version.

In this way, Ford’s production capacity was compromised and a step on the brakes became necessary.

Ford suspends Maverick orders in the US market

Produced in Hermosillo, Mexico, the Ford Maverick performs well in the US and demand is met with most volume made in the Latin country.

Despite being a hybrid and having a CVT transmission, the Ford Maverick is a product that conquers many customers of other brands and thus expands Ford’s reach in the US market.

And with versions with a 252-horsepower EcoBoost 2.0 engine, the Maverick remains an alternative to mid-size SUVs and sedans.

In Brazil, the Ford Maverick arrived with the FX4 Lariat version, which has the above mechanisms, the package includes an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

Ford suspends Maverick orders in the US market

With prices expected to exceed R$200,000, the Ford Maverick FX4 Lariat should seek out SUV customers here, and that could break up sales of the territory.

Given the semiconductor crisis, Ford could no longer ramp up production as it once did, limited by the availability of chips.

Here, it is not known how many units will be sold per month, as Ford never opens the sales strategy.

Thus, it will be necessary to monitor the performance of Maverick by rating Fenabrave sales, however, a large volume import is not expected.

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