February 27, 2024

Four teams out of eight with the same result were relegated to Vasco | Basque

There are only ten rounds, but a campaign Basque In the Brazilian championship, the warning signal was turned on. After two years in Série B, fighting not to go down was something Vasco fans didn’t even think about with the arrival of 777 Partners. But is there anything to worry about or is it too early? History shows that there are indeed reasons for concern.

“Does Vasco have salvation?” asks Andrei Rezek at SporTV Selection

In the history of points accumulated, 50% of the clubs that finished in Round 10 dropped by just six points. Almost all of them fought to the end. The only one who managed to escape easily is Fortaleza, from Vojvoda, who last year closed the Brasileirão team in eighth place, seeded for Libertadores, after starting very poorly.

Vasco players in a classic match against Flamengo – Photo: Daniel Ramalho/Vasco

América-MG (2011), Atlético-GO (2017), CSA (2019) and Grêmio (2021) all got 6 points as Vasco after ten rounds and relegated to Série B.

On the other hand, in addition to Fortaleza, other teams managed to reverse the situation and escape from the stick. Casos de Nautico (2007), Fluminense (2008) and Flamingo (2013). All three, however, finished the Brazilian Championship close to the relegation zone.

Joao Almirante asks to start Vasco’s attack with Ryan and Eric Marcos

Despite the disastrous start in the Brazilian Championship, with only one victory in ten matches, Vasco realizes that there is room for development and bets on the transfer period, which will open between July 3 and August 2, to strengthen and qualify his team.

The football department has already identified the shortcomings of the team and believes that it will be able to recruit enough players to solve the team’s problems.

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