March 4, 2024
Frederico Trajano: "The offer of credit and machines to sellers is a blue ocean"

Frederico Trajano: “The offer of credit and machines to sellers is a blue ocean”

São Paulo – With the increasingly competitive e-commerce scenario, Frederico Trajano, CEO of Luisa magazine, believes one of the company’s big differences lies in a product that, for example, isn’t very new: a credit card machine.

“I have a high expectation that our financial operations will not only guarantee loyalty merchant and the end customer, but above all, it will help increase the company’s margins and generate cash” live performance From zero to the top This Thursday (7).

Magalupay’s magazine card machine is one of the products the retailer launched in August of this year to attract and retain more sellers on its market platform.

When asked how this product differs in relation to what other financial services companies already offer, Frederico said that Magalupay offers direct integration with e-commerce and boosts retailer sales. “today in [maquininhas das] Financial companies process the payment, but do not generate sales. Our difference is to make a product relevant to the Magalu market and ecosystem. NS merchant It manages both achieving consistent sales and communicating with the market.”

In addition to small machines, Trajano sees products such as offering credit to merchant As one of the company’s differentials. Today, the Magalu platform already has more than 100,000 store owners. Financial services targeting this audience gained momentum after the acquisition of HubFintech, which was announced in late 2020 and completed in July of this year.

2022 should be the year of Magalu as a service”. Our focus is very much on helping analog entrepreneurs digitize themselves, Trajano explained.

During the interview, the CEO also commented on the relaunch of the Magazine Luiza fashion category that took place this week. According to the CEO, the company has spent a year restructuring the region — which is beginning to take shape with Zattini, the Netshoes fashion brand (acquired in 2019). We brought Silvia Machado [ex-Arezzo&Co] last year. We have re-launched the category with new collections, new numbering and a better shopping experience,” he said.

Frederico Trajano also spoke about the strategies used to grow in the supermarket category and plans for the meal delivery operation. Check out the content full live.

The interview also covered the CEO’s advice for a successful digital transformation and business success. The live broadcast is part of the fallout from the podcast special, Don’t do zero or Topo SAGA MagaluWho revealed behind the scenes of the company’s history.